Will New York City ever legalize marijuana? (VIDEO)


Our colleagues at the Village Voice asked New Yorkers in Union Square what they think of New York’s pot history — of course, at least one person claims marijuana activism was first sparked here in the ’70s, along with the the foundation of High Times magazine — and about its future. Most people videographer Saila Huusko spoke with on Saturday praised the benefits of marijuana as a medicinal aid –but as the performance by Redman in the video shows, it’s also probably the single best party drug to ever exist.

“This year we’re calling it a victory parade,” says Laura Notini, an organizer for the 2014 NYC Cannabis Parade, which traveled down Broadway from 32nd Street to Union Square on Saturday, May 3, 2014. “We’ve had great victories around the country and we’re hoping to keep that energy going and get some victories in New York.”