Wiz Khalifa arrested in Texas for marijuana


El Paso, Texas police shot a fish in a barrel this weekend, arresting and jailing rapper Wiz Khalifa for .5 grams of marijuana.
But while it’s easy to think that he was targeted for being, well, Wiz Khalifa, officials say the full-luggage search that led to his arrest stems from not having an ID.

Apparently Khalifa was flying from El Paso after an El Paso music festival to Dallas without an ID, which in TSA-world means an automatic full-search before you’re allowed on an airplane. Cops found a “canister of marijuana”, according to the Dallas Morning News.
Khalifa was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession and released after paying up a $300 bail – but not before he shot the selfie in the jail cell above and posted it on Twitter:

Mugshot from the El Paso police.

This isn’t the first time that cops in non-weed friendly states have busted the rapper. He’s had trouble in North Carolina and Tennessee in the past.