Colorado’s KC Stark on the MMJ Business Academy and the Silicon Valley of pot


Denver is the Hollywood of cannabis, according to KC Stark. As for Colorado Springs, he sees it as Silicon Valley — which is why he decided it was the perfect place to serve as a base for his latest venture, MMJ Business Academy. The academy’s mission, Stark explains, is to break down and explain the new and complicated laws and licensing procedures for people looking to get into the pot industry.
“We saw the need for comprehensive understanding of that marijuana monopoly game. It’s three-dimensional; it moves and changes. It’s brutal,” Stark says.

While speaking at the Colorado Cannabis Summit last month, Stark emphasized the importance of having a plan in order to survive the savage marijuana industry. You have to know the game and you have to know yourself, he said. And the MMJ Business Academy is designed to help people gain that knowledge.
The school has several ways to accomplish this goal. One option is a private sit-down with Stark; the ninety-minute sessions can be scheduled with just a day’s notice. There are also eight-hour seminars scheduled every few weeks, with parties after the sessions so that attendees can socialize and network with other entrepreneurs. The Academy offers marijuana grow classes, too, as well as business and regulatory support.
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