Dallas-area cops bust pot grow in big rig trailer


Tractor trailers are often used to haul hidden stashes of marijuana around the country. It’s not often, though, that you hear about them being used to grow marijuana*.
Cops in Johnson County, Texas say they spent all of last month staking out a property outside of Rio Vista, Texas that was hiding an old 18-wheeler trailer stuffed full of grow lights and 31 plants in various stages of bloom.

According to cops, the trailer couldn’t be seen from the public and was only accessible by a hidden hatch in the back of an old shed. Cops say they also found a load of herb stashed in a mobile home on the property and have charged 58-year-old Terry King and his wife, Lagay, 47, with felony possession of five pounds or less. A 27-year-old was also arrested for possession of pot and faces misdemeanor charges.
It’s like “Smokey and the Bandit”, minus the bitchin’ Firebird, Coors beer, Burt Reynolds and… okay, it’s not really like Smokey and the Bandit. But we’d like to think that the tractor-trailer had some amazing airbrush work on the side of it hidden beneath the camo tarps and whatnot.

For more, check out the CBS local news report below:

*Not often… unless you live in any of the 20 or so legal pot states where companies convert these things to legal pot growing operations. Then you hear about it all the time.