Ex-cop in Dallas beats pot smoker for not standing up for his wife


Chivalry, you’ll be happy to learn, isn’t dead. Almost, maybe, but it still burns on in the heart of former Dallas police officer Michael Mosher.
Mosher was one of seven officers who responded to a report of three potentially suspicious young men walking through an alley in the 6600 block of La Cosa Drive in Far North Dallas after dark one evening in January 2011. Those suspicions seemed justified when two of the young men bolted at the sight of the first squad car and when the other, 21-year-old Aaron Curtis, admitted to having a glass marijuana pipe in his pocket.
Since Curtis wasn’t in possession of any actual marijuana, officers cited him for possession of drug paraphernalia and drove him to the apartment he and his girlfriend shared nearby.

Mosher, according to statements he later gave to internal affairs investigators and in affidavits filed in federal court, wasn’t so sure it was wise to leave Curtis in the girlfriend’s custody. Not because he posed a direct threat to her but because earlier in a 7-Eleven parking lot — well before cops arrived in the alley — Curtis had stood idly by while his friend had cussed at his girlfriend and acted as if he were going to punch her. That same friend, police believed, had been one of the men walking with Curtis a while later.
Mosher asked Curtis about the 7-Eleven incident as they stood in front of the apartment.
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