Florida woman busted eating pot evidence off front seat of cop car after DUI wreck


We have to give Orlando’s Tavish Smith credit: getting out of police handcuffs while in the backseat of a cop car and then trying to eat the evidence in the front seat is a pretty bold move.
But it is also a stupid one, considering she was on video the entire time.

Smith was pulled over in Cocoa, Florida a few weeks back for allegedly drunk driving after cops say she wrecked her trick, flipped a U along U.S. 1 and then crashed again. After unsuccessfully trying to flirt her way out of the ticket, Smith is put in the backseat of the cruiser by the trooper.
Once in the back, she slipped a hand out of the cuffs and reached over the front seat, grabbed the bag of pot and began eating the bud. A few minutes later the trooper gets back in the car and calls her out:
“Do you have your handcuffs in front already? Did you slip out?”
Smith denies it, but is quickly reminded that everything inside the cruiser is on camera.
“Stay in your handcuffs please,” the trooper says. “I hope that’s not why this marijuana bag was open over here. “Bags of weed just don’t go missing inside a police car. And I’ve got it all on video.”
Not only that, but the allegedly drunk-enough-to-double-wreck-her-car-and-eat-a-bag-of-pot-off-the-front-seat Smith left pot crumbles all over her face, lap and back of the cop car.
Smith – a court clerk in Brevard County – was originally facing misdemeanor charges for her hit-and-run wreck, the DUI and pot possession. But because of her attempt to dispose of the evidence, those were increased to felonies.
Check out video of the incident from WFSB in Florida:
WFSB 3 Connecticut