Free medical marijuana for San Jose voters today


Toke of the Town – Flickr/Keith Bacongco.

Live in San Jose, California? Want free weed? Then get off your butt and go vote. Like, now.
Several San Jose medical marijuana clubs have joined in to create the “Weed for Votes” program, which Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition director John Lee isn’t geared at getting support any particular measure or official.

“We have a huge opportunity to make a large impact in who runs San Jose,” Lee said in a press release. “Although we may not have regulations on the June ballot, insuring the right politicians are elected is even more important … With predictions of one of the lowest voter turnouts in history this Tuesday, cannabis supporters could have a huge effect.”
As many as 20 dispensaries have opted to take part in the program, which officials say doesn’t violate any of California’s voter-buying laws.
Lee said that he hopes people will vote in City Council members who are pro-dispensary and can work to pass sensible medical marijuana-related policy. To help, the coalition has created a “cannabis friendly” voter guide of green politicians. Voters simply have to show an “I voted” sticker or a ballot receipt to get the free and discounted buds.
San Jose City Council has been working to limit medical cannabis in the city lately, and measures requiring pot shops be 1,000 feet from schools, churches, parks and rec centers as well as 500 feet from rehab facilities are up for a vote at tonight’s regular council meeting.
Below is a list from CBS San Francisco of many of the participating dispensaries:

1082 Stockton Ave

3131 South Bascom Ave
Amsterdam’s Garden

2142 The Alameda
Greenjean’s Place

3229 South Bascom Ave

2348 Alum Rock Ave

1814 Hillsdale Ave Suite A

1641 West San Carlos Street

1420 South Winchester Blvd.

282 San Jose Avenue
I&I Collective

2630 Union Ave

1530 Alum Rock Ave

590 Lincoln Ave

931 Commercial St
Platinum Society

1174 Lincoln Ave
San Jose Patients Group

824 The Alameda
Yerba Buena Collective

2129 S 10th St

4211 Barrymore Dr

4464 Pearl Ave

325 S Monroe St

1324 N 10th St