Only one Texas representative voted to defund the DEA last week


U.S. Representative Steve Stockman is the Texas lawmaker who is probably least likely to whip out a joint at the party and share it with everyone. He likes families, straight people, guns and fertilized eggs that might one day become babies. He hates liberals.
Not as much as he hates the federal government, though, which is why he was the only Texas lawmaker to sign a new amendment that could make getting medical pot a little easier.

“This is a matter of following the Constitution,” his spokesperson Donny Ferguson told Unfair Park in an email.
The House last week passed a historic amendment that would prevent the DEA from raiding medical marijuana dispensaries in states that allow them. The bipartisian amendment isn’t law yet, but the 219-189 decision is an encouraging turn in places like California, which legalized medical weed in 1996 yet faced sweeping federal raids on dispensaries as recently as three years ago.
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