9-year-old Minnesota girl snitches on parents for growing pot


Not the parents grow, though that would be impressive.

A 9-year-old girl recently walked into a police station in the western Minnesota town of Barnesville and calmly reported her parents for growing marijuana inside their home.
“Her and one of her friends came here and just had these concerns about her parents,” Barnesville Police Chief Dean Ernst tells our sister paper, the Minneapolis City Pages, adding that the friend was about the girl’s age.

The girl explained she was bothered by the smoke.
“[Her parents] would smoke it in the house, and when she would smell the smoke, she said she didn’t like the smell, it made her sick,” Ernst says. “And they would blow the smoke into their dog’s face or nose and she didn’t like that, said it was bad for the dog.”
Police got a search warrant. Inside the home they found eight plants growing in a basement room.
While these parents certainly don’t deserve a Parent of the Year award, they don’t deserve to be criminals for growing a few plants either. Read more over at the Minneapolis City Pages.