Ask a Stoner: Can I buy marijuana edibles in Colorado?


Denver Westword.

Editor’s note: Our sister paper, the Denver Westword, runs a weekly marijuana advice column, Ask a Stoner. Today, we bring you one of the more frequently-asked questions:
Dear Stoner: My dad lives in Aurora, and we’re coming out for his 75th birthday party. My wife has never smoked pot (or anything, not even cigarettes) but suffers from chronic migraines. She wants to try a pot edible, but I heard that pot can only be purchased by non-residents in smokable form. Can non-residents buy edibles? –Randy

Dear Randy: Whoever told you that was smoking some bad shit. Out-of-state residents can purchase edibles as well as raw herb. Look for high-CBD edibles if you can find them — though they’re harder to come by at recreational shops. Otherwise, stick to edibles made with indica-based strains. While it is an over-generalization, indicas tend to help with pain and tension and act more as a sedative. But don’t try too much: Stay in the forty-to-fifty-milligram range and take it slow.
We mean that. If she’s never tried herb before, she may be slightly uncomfortable at first, so start with ten milligrams and wait at least an hour before trying ten more. We also suggest trying a topical patch; friends say the CBD/CBN patches are great for migraines. Mary’s Medicinals makes them; visit for a list of rereational shops in Denver that sell them.
And although you didn’t ask, we’ve got a great gift idea for Pops: While you’re at the recreational pot shop, pick him up an eighth-ounce of some of the stickiest buds you can find. If he’s 75, he’s ready to really start kicking back and enjoying life, and we can’t think of a better way to do that than with a few tokes of some tasty Colorado ganja.
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