California grandparents suing SWAT Team for mistaken house raid


“Hey guys, wanna dress up like Army men today?”

When a California SWAT team violently kicked down the door of an unsuspecting residence last year in South Salinas, officers marched in armed with a search warrant in one hand and assault weapons in the other. Yet, none of them found it strange that their mission involved torturing a retired couple and their underage granddaughter rather than a savage drug dealer. That was their first mistake, because once the smoke cleared and the screams of the innocent family finally ended, the commanding officer realized his team had mistakenly raided the wrong house.
Of course, this greasy incident and back-biting rape on civil rights did not settle well with the owners of the house, Alberto and Martha Alvarado, who have since filed a lawsuit in federal court in hopes of putting the shriveled balls of the Gilroy and Morgan Hill Police Departments in a tight vice for brutalizing their family with “excessive and unjustified force.

Court documents indicate that on May 23, 2013, a fully armed SWAT team showed up at the Alvarado’s residence to take down a man by the name of Omar Ramirez, who was suspected of having shifty dealings with the black market drug trade. However, after entering the home with all guns blazing, they did not find anyone fitting the description of Ramirez, just Martha, Alberto and their 14-year-old granddaughter, who the couple was looking after.
It is almost inconceivable that none of the militant intruders thought once about second-guessing their misguided initiative. Instead, they dragged Alberto, who was receiving dialysis for renal failure, and his wife Martha out into the yard and forced them to lay face down in handcuffs while they ripped their house to shreds. SWAT also handcuffed the Alvarado’s young granddaughter and tucked her away in a separate location away from her grandparent’s supervision.
Interestingly, the City of Salinas is doing their best to avoid taking responsibility for the SWAT team’s unintelligence, which ultimately put the Alvarado’s and their granddaughter at risk of being snuffed out for no reason. The court documents reveal that Salinas has so far refused to offer up the names of the officers who conducted the raid, which is mandated by the California Public Record Act.
Salinas City Attorney Chris Callihan argues that no such information has been turned over because the city has not been served documents indicating they are subject of legal action.
Won’t they be surprised to learn how the Alvarado’s intend to drag the entire municipality through the financial equivalent of the shit stream their SWAT team is responsible for digging on their front lawn.
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