California wildfire started by truck exhaust at a marijuana grow operation


Freddie Alexander Smoke III.

A man with the unfortunately ironic last name of “Smoke” was arrested this week, charged with starting a wildfire near an illegal pot grow in Northern California that is forcing people from their homes.
Freddie Alexander Smoke was arrested over the weekend, accused of starting a fire after a spark from his truck exhaust set the dry grass near his illegal pot grow on fire. Smoke was also charged with illegal marijuana cultivation for the 180 plants investigators found on site.

The fire, known as the Bully Fire, has now grown to about 4,400 acres as of this morning, according to the San Francisco Gate. More than 18 structures have been leveled and some 65 more are in danger. Firefighters estimate the containment between 10 percent and 15 percent and say they should have it under control by the end of the week.

Unfortunately, this is the type of thing that could be prevented by legalizing cannabis in California. Cultivation sites hidden in the back country invite things like pollution and wildfires.