Coloradans want private pot clubs, don’t want toking in public according to new poll


The now-closed Maryjane’s Social Club in Denver.

Though limited amounts of marijuana are legal for adults 21 and up in Colorado, there’s still not many places to actually legally use cannabis other than in a private home or in a smoking room in a hotel. And while most Coloradans don’t want people lighting weed up in bars or restaurants, they agree that tokers should have a place to congregate. Currently, such places are tolerated in some municipalities but not others, notably in Denver where police have raided pot clubs in recent weeks.
According to data from from Quinnipiac University, members-only marijuana clubs were embraced by a 66-29 percent margin of Colorado voters.Not nearly as many poll participants liked the idea of pot smoking being allowed at bars and other venues where alcohol is served. This idea got a 65-31 percent thumbs down. Likewise, a 63-33 percent negative response greeted a question about cannabis at ticketed entertainment events. And even marijuana smoking amid invitation-only entertainment events with no admission charge was rejected, albeit in closer fashion: 49-46 percent.
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