Colorado’s Maryjane’s Cannabis Social Club still closed after police raid


On Friday, June 27, several Denver police officers entered Maryjane’s 420 Shop and Social Club, at 539 West 43rd Avenue, and issued citations to some of its members. The club has been closed ever since and comments from his spokesperson suggest that Denver Mayor Michael Hancock would like it to stay that way.
The debate over whether or not marijuana social clubs are allowed under Colorado law has been raging since well before limited legal recreational sales launched on January 1.

In April 2013, as Westword reported, Hancock appeared before a Denver City Council subcommittee to talk marijuana. And during his time in the spotlight (see a video of his chat below), he made it clear that if he had his way, pot would be tightly regulated and clubs for those who want to consume it would be banned.
At the session, Hancock framed his objections to marijuana clubs around the issuing of driving while stoned. He maintained that cops had only recently gotten a handle on how to tell if someone is suffering from THC impairment — a claim certain to be disputed by law-enforcement types, since the behavior has long been illegal — and suggested that such venues would put even more dangerous potheads on the road.
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