Cops in North Carolina cop caught lying about 911 call to bust low-level marijuana user


Ildar Sagdejev/Commons.
“Quick! Come up with a lie we can use to bust some harmless pot smokers!”

Cops in Durham, North Carolina lied about 911 calls to trick residents into opening the doors and letting the pigs inside when they otherwise wouldn’t have had access.
This wasn’t just once, mind you. Apparently, it was a pseudo-policy for the department despite Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez’s denial.

The practice came to light back in May when a cop in a pot possession trial admitted to using the fake-911 act to gain entry to a residence where they arrested a person for pot possession for a few blunt roaches and a pot grinder.
Those charges were dropped, though on the stand the cop, officer A.B. Beck, said the procedure was normal and permitted – mostly in cases of suspected domestic violence, though. That didn’t sit well with the judge.
“You cannot enter someone’s house based on a lie,” Durham County chief district judge Marcia Morey said at the hearing according to
In response to the ordeal and the policy coming to light, Lopez has issued an immediate retraction of any similar policies:
“It has recently been brought to my attention that some officers have informed citizens that there has been a 911 hang-up call from their residence in order to obtain consent to enter for the actual purpose of looking for wanted persons on outstanding warrants,” Lopez said in a memo to his cops. “Effective immediately no officer will inform a citizen that there has been any call to the emergency communications center, including a hang-up call, when there in fact has been no such call.”