Customers giving Denver airport rental-car employees leftover marijuana


Denver International Airport.

Employees at major Denver International Airport rental agencies, speaking anonymously and with their identities obscured, tell a Denver news station that recreational pot customers frequently offer them weed, presumably because they know that trying to take it back home with them is verboten.
After all, limited cannabis sales may be legal in Colorado and Washington state, but the substance remains against the law on the federal level.
Indeed, DIA has public notices aplenty warning travelers that being caught with marijuana in their possession could result in a fine of up to $999. Not that the airport has narced on anyone yet. According to spokeswoman Stacey Stegman, sixteen people have been caught with pot since January 1, when recreational shops opened their doors, but none of them have been cited. Instead, they were simply asked to discard their stash. Read more at the Denver Westword.