Feds’ pot policy sticks with prohibition despite Obama comments about risk, advocate says


A DEA raid in Denver.

Back in January, Marijuana Policy Project spokesman and Amendment 64 advocate Mason Tvert applauded comments by President Barack Obama in which he suggested that marijuana is not as risky as alcohol “in terms of its impact on the individual consumer.”
Nonetheless, the new National Drug Control Strategy document for 2014 (see it below) reflects little or no softening of the feds’ approach to pot. And that leaves Tvert feeling frustrated.

When asked if he blames Obama for the continued relative harshness of the feds’ strategy toward cannabis, Tvert stresses that “they’re totally different situations.” He regards the President’s remarks about marijuana, shared in an interview with the New Yorker, as demonstrating “that we’re moving toward a more honest discussion of marijuana policy and that more and more people are talking openly about the fact that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. So it was more about the sociological and cultural element of the marijuana debate.
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