Florida medical pot backer sees hope for paralyzed brother with medical cannabis


The first time Tim Morgan smoked Afghani weed, he thought, “I like this.” The 20-year-old college student was hanging out in his Gainesville apartment with his high school girlfriend and about ten friends. Everyone was huddled around a single measly joint.

“I thought it wouldn’t last long, and I didn’t even want any,” he says. “I was an athlete — a soccer player — and athletes didn’t smoke pot. It was a jocks-versus-freaks mentality.”
But hey, he reasoned as smoke filled the living room, it was the ’70s. Everyone at his alma mater, Winter Park High, had gotten high on Mexican Gold at least once. And although the crumbly skag circulating Central Florida was never especially potent, this Afghani stuff just smelled different. But even more important, ever since an accident had left him partially paralyzed, Morgan had been desperate for a release from the wires that made his neck resemble the Eiffel Tower.
The moment is the origin story for medical marijuana’s biggest friend in Florida — imminently recognizable personal-injury attorney John Morgan, Tim’s brother. Just this month, the “For the People” lawyer kicked in an additional $4 million of his personal money to get Florida to vote yes on Amendment 2 this November.
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