How two Long Beach, California Thai Stick smugglers became the last victims of the Khmer Rouge


Thai Stick.

“Although my long hair is gone now and my views are more conservative than they once were, there is a part of my past I will not sweep under the rug and disavow. I am old enough and honest enough to remember the Thai sticks that flooded my beachside town each summer–a surfer’s equivalent of the Beaujolais nouveau.
During the 1970s, Thai stick marijuana–so-called because the buds were tightly wrapped around hemp or bamboo sticks before being packed into watertight bundles for the long trans-Pacific trip–was one of the most valuable commodities in the world. At $2,000 per pound, a single load of Thai could and did make many a smuggler a small fortune. To us pot-smoking teenaged surfers, these scammers–the people who fetched these loads from afar–were heroic Robin Hood characters who trafficked only in pot and surfed more world-class waves than anyone else.”
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