Latest Florida poll shows medical cannabis is pretty much a done deal


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A measly ten percent of Florida voters think the medical use of marijuana should remain illegal. The rest, for the most part, agree that toking up to relieve pain and suffering should be a right every Floridian should have.
A Quinnipiac University study released this week shows that 88 percent of voters want to legalize medical cannabis. Even senior citizens, who make up one of the largest anti-pot demographics in many other states, support the measure 6 to 1.

That’s good news for supporters of a medical cannabis ballot proposal set to go before voters this November. In fact, it seems like the bill’s passage is a given at this point based on poll numbers. Eighty percent of Republicans polled were in favor of legalizing medical cannabis.
Even more interesting, a majority of voters across all demographics say they would support a medical cannabis dispensary opening up in their town or city.
The poll also shows that a majority of voters, 55 percent, would approve of legalizing, taxing and regulating limited amounts of recreational marijuana.
The poll was conducted between July 17 and 21 and surveyed 1,251 voters. Researchers put the margin of error for the study at plur or minus 2.8 percentage points.