St. Louis radio station owner running pro-marijuana ads


Toke of the Town edit of image by Theredmonkey/Commons.

It’s a dream of every radio station owner, but a dream that has probably never been realized until now.
“They’re actually thanking me for the ads,” says Elmo Donze, owner of classic-rock station KBDZ (93.1 FM) in Perryville. “This has never happened before.”
But it’s not the ads for car insurance or ambulance chasers that people are praising. Rather, people are grateful for the $10,000 worth of advertisements endorsing medical marijuana legislation that Donze donated to Show-Me Cannabis earlier this year. Such a move might be considered politically risky for the more corporate radio behemoths, but if Donze’s effort is any indication, listeners love it. More at the Riverfront Times.