Texas cops clueless when it comes to the value of cannabis


A rancher in Texas last week stumbled upon about 5,500 marijuana seedlings in small starter pots on land he was leasing and called the police. That alone isn’t really a story. Clandestine grow operations happen all the time in this country (it’s a byproduct of it being illegal, of course).
No, what makes this story newsworthy is that the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office is truly clueless when it comes to understanding the value of money. Those 5,500 starter plants were valued at $2 million. That breaks down to more than $360 per-seedling. To put that into perspective, a fully rooted clone sells for (at most) $40 at a recreational pot shop in Colorado.

The rancher says that he was walking the land he recently leased from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers last week when he stumbled upon an encampment and two men who he assumes were the growers. The men ran off, but their cache was left behind.
According to interviews, the cops seem pretty flabbergasted that people actually put time into growing pot. It’s just a weed to them, after all.
“Primarily, the most impressive thing of it was that it was a pretty elaborate growing operation,” Chambers County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Brian Hawthorne told ABC News today. “There’s no doubt they understood the principles of what it was going to take to create a watering system [and]the environment that they needed to have so as to start the marijuana plants from a seedling.”
Cops say the grow is likely part of a larger criminal operation in the area.