University of Arizona denies firing MMJ/PTSD researcher over political pressure


The University of Arizona isn’t saying much about the firing of medical-marijuana researcher Sue Sisley, but officials deny any political motivations. In an email sent to our sister blog, the Phoenix New Times, in response to our questions this morning, a U of A representative also notes that the university has “championed” medical-marijuana.
Sisley, an outspoken MD who’s been pushing to study how marijuana affects post-traumatic stress disorder patients, was told last month her contract with the U of A’s Telemedicine Program wouldn’t be renewed. She claims that Joe “Skip” Garcia, the University of Arizona’s senior vice president for health sciences, told her that Senate President Andy Biggs had questioned Sisley’s activism, and soon after she received the letter announcing her contract would not be renewed.
The Phoenix New Times has more on this story, including the U of A response.