Washington recreational marijuana lines still long, prices still high


In scenes remniscent of Colorado’s recretaionl sales in January, recreational pot stores are opening with long lines and, despite high prices, they are selling out of their inventory.
Brian Budz tells Oregon Live that he thought he had enough product to last ten days at his Vancouver-based New Vansterdam shop and instead it lasted three days. Shops like his are having to close down and open erratically as more herb comes in. Prices – ranging from $15 to $30 a gram – reflect that.

The demand doesn’t seem to be dying down, either. Main Street Marijuana owner Ramsey Hamide says his shop opened Tuesday with a line of more than 150 people after being sold out from the weekend. Hamide told KOIN that he sold about eight pounds of pot over the weekend – bringing in about $30,000 for the state in tax revenue.

The state issued about two-dozen licenses to recreational marijuana shops earlier this month. More are expected to be approved in the coming months.