Woman finds small bag of pot in Sonic meal, freaks the ‘eff out


Carla McFarland/Facebook.

Dear fast food workers: please stop losing your weed stash in the food you serve.
A Maryland Sonic worker found that out this week after allegedly dropping what looks like a little twenty bag of pot into the paper sack along with a customer’s order.

Sonic customer Carla Castle McFarland opened up the bag of food that she was going to feed to her children aged six and eight, she found the little baggie of pot. Clearly not down for the cause, McFarland says she sat there in shock.
“I kept thinking, what if my kids had eaten it?” she told the local newspaper. Hopefully her six- and eight-year-old kids aren’t dumb enough to eat random objects they find in questionably wrapped packaging — but then again, kids are only as smart as their parents raise them to be, so….
The employee admitted to losing the baggie of weed out of her apron. The employee was fired and not named, though they were kind enough to alert the cops who are now looking into the incident – including determining just if the stuff was actually marijuana.
Despite not being too cool — she clearly things weed is in the same league as crack or coke — McFArland can at least accept reality:
“I think that’s why everyone thinks it’s so funny, because it’s marijuana and it’s going to be legalized,” she told the Frederick News Post.
This seems to happen a lot. Like, last year at a Burger King in Dundee, Michigan or earlier this year at a McDonalds in Iowa. And while we would rather our food service employees be more sanitary around the things they serve us, we don’t think they should be going to jail or get fired for their choice to use cannabis.