Anti-Pot Florida AG Pam Bondi Challenges Primary Winner George Sheldon to Debate


No, it’s not a stock photo of a stereotypical white woman. This is Florida AG Pam Bondi.

Former Obama official George Sheldon defeated his primary opponent for the right to take on Pam Bondi for the state attorney general last night. And Bondi wasted no time in calling him up and challenging the man to a debate. Sheldon’s win was pretty overwhelming, taking more than 60 percent of the vote over Perry Thurston. And while both men entered Tuesday’s primary as virtual unknowns, Sheldon is vowing to make sure people know he stands in stark contrast to Bondi.
Among the biggest differences between the two: Sheldon, 67, is for the legalization of medical marijuana and for same-sex marriage — two of the biggest issues Bondi has publicly stood against.

During his victory speech Tuesday night, Sheldon threw down the gauntlet, saying, “Help me give Pam Bondi the job she really wants, as an anchor on Fox News.”
Bondi replied with a statement of her own. After she called Sheldon to congratulate him on his win, she sent out a news release.
“The voters will have a clear choice between candidates in this election, and they deserve to hear directly from us on the distinct difference in visions and leadership that each candidate will offer to the Attorney General’s Office,” the release says. “This can be accomplished through thoughtful and respectful dialogue worthy of our great State.”
We hope Sheldon blows her out of the water. Read more at the Broward-Palm Beach New Times.