Dennis Carter, Minnesota State University Football Star Allegedly Shot Man Over Marijuana Debt


Dennis Carter, a standout wide receiver for MSU-Mankato, faces an attempted murder charge for allegedly shooting a longtime acquaintance in the head over a marijuana debt.
The incident occurred shortly before midnight on August 20 along a dirt road near the Renaissance Festival campgrounds in Scott County. The victim, later identified as 28-year-old Diaa Ahmed Abdelhakim, says Carter shot him execution-style and only failed to kill him because his gun jammed. Carter, on the other hand, told investigators he accidentally shot Abdelhakim after wrestling his gun away from him during a struggle.

After he was arrested, Carter, who went to high school at Spring Lake Park, told investigators he’d been selling marijuana for Abdelhakim in the Mankato area for about a year. The two have known each other since the eighth grade.
Earlier this year, Carter said he’d sent “a package” for Abdelhakim, who was at that time in Stockton, California. But it was intercepted en route, and Abdelhakim never got his money.
During questioning, Carter “stated that the Victim told him he was partially responsible for the loss and it needed to be paid back,” the complaint says. “The Defendant also stated that two or three months ago he was jacked (robbed) of money that belonged to the Victim. He stated that he owed [Abdelhakim] a lot of money and he is afraid of the Victim.”
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