Florida anti-medical marijuana group resorting to lies and deception


William Breathes.
Golden Goat kief.

The war of attrition between advocates for and opponents against medical marijuana in Florida entered another chapter this week, after the Florida Police Chiefs Association put out a media release on the dangers of medical weed legalization. In the statement, the FPCA cited studies and stats showing how the number of automobile accidents and ER visits in Colorado have gone up, and drawing a direct correlation to the legalization of medical marijuana in that state.
This, United For Care says, is all false and they’ve issued a media release of their own.

Last April, the FPCA aunched a staunch anti-Amendment 2 campaign called “Don’t Let Florida Go to Pot,” to derail and end the run to get medical marijuana legalized in Florida. They also created an off-shoot group called Drug Free Florida, and have gotten heavy hitting donors to join their anti-weed crusade.
Their biggest message has been how Amendment 2 is fraught with legal loopholes that would lead to all-out legalization of marijuana throughout the state.
“A vote for Amendment 2 is a vote for legalizing marijuana forever in the state of Florida,” Florida Sheriffs Association president Sheriff Grady Judd says in a video the group released in May.
This claim was debunked by United For Care when New Times asked for a response to those constant claims.
“If there was any doubt, the Florida Supreme Court has already ruled that the amendment will only be used in cases of debilitating illness,” United for Care campaign manager Ben Pollara told New Times. “The purpose of the amendment is to allow the medical use of marijuana for individuals with debilitating diseases as determined by a licensed Florida physician.”
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