Florida Medical Association comes out against proposed medical marijuana amendment


The Florida Medical Association has come out and opposed Amendment 2, the initiative to legalize medical marijuana in Florida. The FMA, which represents 20,000 doctors in matters such as regulatory affairs, public health, advocacy, and licensers, released a statement Monday over its concern that legalized medical marijuana would bring “unintended consequences” that would create a health risk.
The biggest threat, according to the FMA, would be that legalized medical pot would allow health-care providers with no training to order medical marijuana.

The FMA is also concerned about having medicine approval go on a ballot for people with no medical training to vote on.
Voters, they’re basically saying, should trust their doctors with medicinal matters rather than deciding for themselves. Because opening up possibilities for your doctor to recommend treatments for you is clearly none of your business, voter. Listen to the experts, dammit!
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