Jackie Chan toes government line, says son’s pot bust is shameful


As we reported earlier this week, Asian movie star Jaycee Chan, son of legendary Kung Fu film icon Jackie Chan, was arrested in his home in Beijing last week with about 3.5 ounces of herb.
While you might expect the star of the legendary Drunken Master to offer his sympathies in public for his son Jaycee, Jackie Chan – who is now the official Chinese Police Narcotics Control Ambassador – says he is saddened and ashamed.

“With regards to the incident involving my son Jaycee, I am very angry and shocked,” Jackie Chan told a Chinese website, according to the BBC. “As a public figure, I am ashamed. As a father, I am very sad and his mother is heartbroken. I told Jaycee: if you have done something wrong, you must bear the consequences. As your father, I am willing to face the road ahead with you.”
As previously reported, cops raided the movie star’s home and arrested him along with Kai Ko, 23, a Taiwanese movie star. Both were tested for pot and came up positive. According to some sources, Chan could be facing anywhere from three years, rehab and probation to life in prison depending on what he is eventually charged with.
According to the BBC, Chan’s arrest is part of an ongoing drug enforcement crackdown and that several other Asian celebrities have been arrested recently.
The arrest gives us a strange glimpse into mainstream China’s drug tolerance levels. While cannabis grows freely in the countryside, use in the cities clearly won’t be tolerated.
Chan’s management company was all but forced to also speak out against Chan, apologizing for any social impact Chan’s arrest may have on the public. They said in a release that they would “help him return to the right path”, whatever that means.