Jaycee Chan, son of Jackie Chan, arrested for pot in Beijing


Jackie Chan in Drunken Master.

The son of world-famous actor Jackie Chan has been arrested in Beijing for cannabis consumption and possession. Tolerance for cannabis use in parts of China is clearly not high, as Jaycee Chan faces anywhere from three years in jail or execution.
Yes, death for weed.

While it sounds like the plot for a b-rate Kung Fu movie, it’s not. China Central Television reported that Chan and Taiwanese actor Ko Chen-tung were arrested in Chan’s home with more than 100 grams of herb. Both tested positive for consumption of cannabis in a forced drug test.
Most agree that this is among the most high-profile marijuana busts in China’s history – though it seems that Chan’s celebrity status may help the two out. The courts will likely charge the two only with consumption of cannabis, which carries lesser charges according to China Central Television.
But Chan could also be facing charges for “harboring suspected drug users” and cannabis dealing – that’s the one that could get him killed. Drug dealing is punishable by execution in China. And it happens, too. While data out of the country is unreliable, the country did kill six people in 2010 for drug dealing. Chan’s bust is part of an ongoing crackdown on crime in China by President Xi Jinping.
It’s unclear what Jackie Chan’s role will be through this. It has been reported that Jackie Chan has flown to Beijing to be with his son, but the member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference is also a spokesman for drug-free living for the Chinese government.
We’re hoping he busts into the prison solo, defeats hundreds of men with drunken-style Kung Fu then escapes with his son to Washington or Colorado. But we’ve watched too many of Jackie’s movies.
The reality is that, despite the celebrity power, Jaycee Chan is likely going to jail.