Miami-Dade Democrats’ New Chairman Wants Recreational Pot Legalized in Florida


The Miami-Dade Democrats have a new chairman and on one hot-button issue, he’s got one of the strongest positions in the state: Sen. Dwight Bullard thinks marijuana should be legal not just for medical purposes but for recreational use.
“Marijuana, whether medical or recreational, could be another way of generating revenue in Florida,” Bullard tells our compadres at Riptide. “It has a potential for real positive economic impact with real small business growth.”

Bullard, who is currently a state senator for Dade, Hendry, and Monroe counties, was elected last month by the Dade Democrats as chairman after previous chair Annette Taddeo-Goldstein resigned to be Charlie Crist’s running mate.
Taddeo-Goldstein nominated Bullard, who was first elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2008 and later elected into Senate in 2012. Both his parents, Larcenia and Edward Bullard, were also in the state legislature.
Although Bullard is bullish on pot — a stance he shared with his mother, who pushed for medical marijuana reform in the Senate two years ago after her mother began suffering from Alzheimer’s — the Dade Democrats’ new chairman says his biggest priority will be outreach.
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