Oklahoma medical marijuana petition gatherers running out of time


Supporters of Oklahomans for Health say they are about 26,000 signatures away from hitting their goal to get a medical marijuana proposal on the November ballot.
But the going has been slow and time is running out.

According to Oklahomans for Health officials, they currently have about 130,000 of the 156,000 signatures needed over the past three months. Signatures have to be in by 4:45 p.m. on August 15.
Petitioners have been out in force, and the group has even parterned with an unlikely source: a local liquor store. Jarvis Liquor owner Amber Jarvis says she’s all about passing the measure and her clientele – including doctors, nurses and dentists she says – have mostly jumped on and signed the petition.
“Most of them just smile and say, ‘Finally,'” Jarvis tells Oklahoma’s News on 6.
If you live in Oklahoma, Oklahomans for Health has a list of polling sites up on their website along with a map to help find the nearest location.
Read the entire proposed ballot title below.


This measure adds to the Oklahoma Constitution. Currently, marijuana is an illegal drug. The measure legalizes the licensed use, sale and growth of marijuana in Oklahoma. Such legalized action may nonetheless violate federal law. No prescription is required for use. Rather, the State Department of Health must issue medical marijuana licenses allowing limited possession if:
-the applicant is 18 or over;
-the applicant is an Oklahoma resident; and
-an Oklahoma board-certified physician signs the application, certifying the applicant has a qualifying condition.
The measure lists 37 qualifuing medical conditions, ranging from cancer to insomnia, and permits additional conditions. User licenses are lifetime licenses, regardless of the continuing existence of the condition. The Department also issues seller, grower, packaging, transportation and caregiver licenses. Sellers, whether individuals or retail businesses, must meet minimal requirements to be licensed to sell marijuana to licensees.
Among other requirements, sellers must:
be 25 or over;
. have a business plan;
. be registered to conduct business in Oklahoma; and
. show ability to invest $100,000.
The punishment for unlicensed possession of permitted amounts of marijuana by persons stating they have a qualifying medical condition is a fine not exceeding