Pot-related immigration hell the subject of new documentary, Kickstarter campaign


Hap Cameron in Colombia on one of his many global adventures.

When Amanda Cameron met her now-husband, Hap Cameron, on the beach in Mexico in 2006, she didn’t have the slightest clue that the nice guy from New Zealand would eventually become her husband — or what she’d have to go through to get his green card. That story is being turned into a film, Loving In Limbo, and the Camerons are hoping to raise enough cash by Today, August 11, to pay for the film’s post-production and cover a few festival entry fees.

Hap, who’s written a memoir about working a job on every continent (a lot of them quite strange), was questioned when he flew into DIA for a visit with Amanda in 2007. “At DIA, they did take him in and asked him about whether he was working under the table,” she notes. But he made it to Colorado and stayed with Amanda until that summer, when they went to Columbia for six weeks.
When Hap tried to re-enter the country via Atlanta after that Columbia trip, the long separation from Amanda began — although neither of them knew it.
“You have to go through separate customs lines,” Amanda explains, “and we were going to miss our flight, so I didn’t wait with him in his line. I literally didn’t even hug him goodbye.”
In Atlanta, Hap was denied entry into the United States because of a visa issue — and he was also asked when he had last smoked marijuana. Wanting to answer truthfully, Hap told the agent he’d done so at a free outdoor concert in Colorado earlier that year.

A photo of Hap Cameron shared on the Kickstarter page.

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