Prosecutor Won’t Say Why He Charged Minnesota Mom for Giving Child Medical Cannabis Oil


William Breathes.

On Wednesday and Thursday of last week, our colleagues at the Riverfront Times Richard Stulz, Lac Qui Parle county attorney, in hopes of speaking with him about why he decided to press charges against Angela Brown, the Madison, Minnesota woman who gave her ailing teenage son medical marijuana oil to (effectively) treat symptoms stemming from a traumatic brain injury.
But Stulz, unfortunately, isn’t in the mood to talk about it. Their calls weren’t returned, and that appears to be the case for other reporters who have reached out to him as well.

Despite all the negative press the charges have generated for Lac Qui Parle County, there’s no indication Stulz’s office is reconsidering its prosecution of Brown. In fact, Brown tells us that during a hearing earlier this month, an assistant county attorney asked a judge to require both Brown and her son, Trey, to submit to weekly urine analyses as a condition for letting the teenager stay with his parents.
“I thought that was a bit harsh,” Brown says, adding that a judge denied the prosecutor’s request.