Several claim a Colorado marijuana edibles company fed them pot-laced chocolate at the Denver County Fair


Denver County Fair’s pot pavilion wasn’t supposed to have any cannabis on the premises, but several people have reported feeling sick and dizzy after eating candy bars given to them by a pavilion vendor, with two men going to the hospital — and one of them filing a class-action lawsuit about the incident.
Now there are conflicting statements from the fair and the vendor about a controversy that continues to build.

Earlier this week, Denver media outlets reported that a man required hospitalization after eating a candy bar at the fair’s new, 21+ pot pavilion. Richard Jones thought he was having a stroke or a heart attack after the unexpected effects of digesting marijuana, which he says he’d never tried before in his life.
“I was sweaty. I was nauseous. I was panicking,” Jones told 7News.


Jones was only the first to come forward. On Wednesday, two more people claimed the same chocolates given to them at the fair made them feel similar to the way Jones had. All three say they received the candy bars from a LivWell dispensary vendor, who told them that the samples did not contain marijuana. However, tests showed that Jones had more than 100 nanograms of THC in his system — at least twenty times the legal driving limit.
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