Texas Man No Longer Facing Life in Prison for Pot Brownies (But He’s Still Possibly Facing Jailtime)


A few months back we told you about Jacob Lavoro, who was facing life in jail after cops falsely charged him with distributing more than 400 grams of hash by using the entire weight of a batch of hash brownies instead of just the four grams he allegedly used.
Thankfully, someone in Williamson County, Texas has a heart. Or a least a brain that can listen to logic, as the charges that could have brought him a mandatory 10 years or a maximum of life in prison have been dropped. He is still facing two lower-degree felonies and up to 20 years in jail, however.

According to the Austin American Statesmen, Lavoro was indicted by a Williamson County grand jury on second degree felony posesiono of THC and a felony marijuana possession charge.
“The family and I are very grateful that common sense has prevailed,” says Jack Holmes, Lavoro’s lawyer, told the Statesman.
Robert Butler, a Libertarian Texas gubernatorial candidate from Round Rock, Texas created a petition that gathered more than 270,000 signatures from Texas and as far away as New Zealand urging the county prosecutors to drop or lessen the charges.
“We’re satisfied the pot brownie charge – a 1st degree felony because they were counting the complete weight of the flour, sugar, and even the containers – was dropped,” Butler said in a release.
Lavoro could now see anywhere from probation to twenty years. His next court date is Sept. 4.