Uruguay Begins Licensing of Marijuana Home Growers


Uruguayans 18 and up can now grow up to six female plants at a time with a total annual harvest of 480 grams, or just over a pound so long as they tell the government they are doing so first.
According to reports, there weren’t too many people signing up on the first day. Likely because, you know, telling the government you’re growing something they formerly considered a crime isn’t exactly an easy thing to do. Or maybe it’s in protest, because you shouldn’t have to register to grow your own herb.

Juan Vaz, a cannabis activist who advocated for the new law, explained:
“There are some people who might feel persecuted,” Vaz said. “For many years, they grew plants in secret and it’s hard to break from that way of thinking.”
Or it could be that they’ve read reports that the new laws aren’t sitting well with some leaders who want to repeal them.
The new law also permits grow co-ops and will allow the sale of 40 grams of government-grown cannabis in pharmacies. But again, you’ll have to register.