Washington State Officials Say No to Marijuana Party Buses


While it is perfectly fine for you to get hammered on booze in the back of a limo or party bus in Washington while smoking a disgusting cigar, don’t you dare light up some herb and catch a little buzz.

Officials with the state Utilities and Transportation Commission said that the health and safety of drivers exposed to smoke is just too much of a risk. They won’t be allowing pot-filled party buses to operate in the state. They also said that, despite most limos being impossible to see into due to dark tints on the windows to ensure privacy, the people on the bus are technically “in view” of the public.
The move puts an end to the WeedBus, a group that gives sight-seeing tours of Seattle in a puff-friendly environment without putting stoned drivers on the road.
“[People] love it,” operator William Prigmore told KREM news this week. “They take pictures, they [give]thumbs up. It’s great. We get a lot of positive feedback about the weed bus.”
But no longer. At least, not publically. Pot enforcement remains a low priority and a $25 fine and we don’t see many cops pulling over party-goers responsible enough to hire a sober driver for the night.