West Virginia Police Find Weed, Chickens and Explosives at Accident Site


Timophey Tkachik/Flickr.

When smuggling a stash of marijuana through the foothills of West Virginia, it is highly advisable to eliminate any and all bizarre variables from the equation that could possibly contribute to an accident or an unsavory run in with the law… or both. Just ask 20-year-old Seth Grim, who was arrested last Friday for possession of marijuana after his dog caused him to lose control of his Ford Explorer and wipe out along a stretch of highway — exposing the unusual contents of his SUV.

According to reports, West Virginia State Police were called out to the scene of a single-vehicle accident early Friday morning only to find a flock of nearly 40 chickens running amok along the highway. Apparently, Grim had stowed the birds in the backseat of his Explorer without the use of a cage, which caused the majority of his feathered friends to be catapulted from vehicle the second it overturned.
Although authorities were somewhat perplexed by the idea that Grim was attempting to transport chickens in a manner in which a parent might use to shuttle around a youth soccer league, they never once suspected that his actions were anything more than redneck antics a member of the fire department revealed an interesting twist.
It seems that inside the vehicle, firefighters uncovered an AK-47 and a substantial amount marijuana in the front seat, as well as a metric ass ton of homemade explosive devices stored in the back. Of course, the threat of domestic terrorist attack involving explosive foul was all it took to send authorities into a wild-eyed frenzy, and soon the West Virginia State Police Bomb Squad were called to the scene.
This is when authorities shut down all but one lane of the Interstate, until they were able to determine exactly what type of explosives they were dealing with. “The West Virginia State Police and the Roane County Sheriff’s Department are investigating a single vehicle traffic crash on I-79, near the 30,5 mm. Currently, only one lane in each direction is open, as some possible improvised devices were discovered in the vehicle,” according to a police statement.
Authorities eventually learned that they were not going to be forced to risk life and limb disposing of military-grade explosives. The bomb squad determined the devices were actually altered fireworks. The weed and the semi-automatic weapon, however, were found to be the real deal, which is what ultimately led to his arrest.
Grim was treated at Charleston Area Medical Center for minor head wounds before being transported to the South Central Regional Jail and charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. He is currently being held on a $25,000 bond.
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