Wiz Khalifa wanted in Texas after skipping court on pot charges


Wiz Khalifa in an El Paso jail cell.

Don’t expect to see Wiz Khalifa performing in Texas any time soon. At least, not until he gets the warrant for his arrest cleared up with an El Paso, Texas court.

As we told you back in May, Khalifa was arrested at the El Paso airport after TSA agents found a small container of weed on the rapper and called in local police to handle the situation. Khalifa (real name: Cameron Thomaz) was charged with misdemeanor pot possession, arrested and bailed out.
He was due in court Wednesday, August 6, but apparently didn’t show. That triggers a bench warrant for his arrest.
While the rapper seems like he was an easy target to single out due to his blatantly weed-friendly stance, according to cops that wasn’t the case at all. As we wrote back in May, Khalifa was traveling without an ID. That’s legal, but in order to board a plane without identification the TSA has to perform a full search. It was during that search that TSA allegedly found a small nug jar.