2014 State Fair poll: slight majority of Minnesotans oppose pot legalization


The results of this year’s State Fair poll were released Tuesday, showing that Minnesotans favor same-day voter registration and an increase in the gas tax for road and bridge construction.
But a slight majority also opposes the idea of legalizing cannabis for recreational use, thereby extending access beyond the medical program established last spring.

The poll isn’t scientific — fair goers volunteered opinions in the Education Building — but it does resemble what St. Cloud University previously concluded. Back in January, researchers found that 46 percent of Minnesotans were in favor of legalization and 48 percent were opposed.
However, a Star Tribune poll released in February gives vastly different numbers. In that case, 63 percent of Minnesotans opposed legalization and only 30 percent believed the state should follow the example of Colorado and Washington. Residents of Alaska and Oregon are all set to vote on legalization in November.
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