2 Live Crew, The Weed Interview: “Sex On Weed, That’s A Smoked Sausage”


Once upon a time in the 90’s, the 2 Live Crew went to the Supreme Court for the right to record, perform, and sell songs like “We Want Some Pussy,” “Me So Horny,” and “Face Down Ass Up.”

They are first amendment heroes of the highest order, and free speech warriors whose contributions to global culture will never be forgotten. They also believe in legalizing marijuana, the medical benefits of cannabis, and the right of all Americans to spark the herb if they so choose. Here’s what Fresh Kid Ice, and Brother Marquis had to say about Indica, smuggling dirty music, and the true meaning of smoked sausage ahead of their September 27th and 28th Colorado concerts at Platinum 84 strip club in Denver.

What do you think about legalizing marijuana?
Brother Marquis: They should because it can help a lot of people with medical conditions like glaucoma, cancer, migraines. It would be great, especially in Miami yakow, cause Miami is like a cocaine city, and everybody would be walkin around with a good natural buzz from the earth. If they legalized in Florida, Miami could get off that crack and get on that dap. I’m voting for it in November. It’s going to pass with flying colors.

Fresh Kid Ice: I think it’s good, cause it help a lot of people with
different illnesses. Certain kinds of weed take away pains, helps with
vision, eases different body parts that hurt. And that’s why I think
it’s gonna get legalized.

What was your first time smoking?

Brother Marquis: Bout Middle School in Southern California. Before the shit got everywhere, I came up on Indica. Smokin Indo. Purple Indica. Man, I loved it. When you young and get the munchies and start laughing….it’s cool. I’m a 70s baby, so my mom always had a little stash too. I used to get in her ashtray and be smokin the roaches. That Indica, baby, was the bomb. That’s been around California for a long time, way before the loud this and loud that….the kids give it a new name, but it’s been around. LA had it cause Humboldt County was growing it when the rest of the country was on the Jamaican brown, and the Acapulco Gold….Southern California had that bomb diggity.

Do you currently smoke marijuana?
Fresh Kid Ice:  No I never been a smoker, but I inhaled a lot. Hahaha. I had a lot of second hand contact.

How come you never got into it?

Fresh Kid Ice: My
parents never stood for that, and then being in the military, I was
inthe Air Force, you can’t touch the weed. And I like to keep my A game

What about you Marquis?
Brother Marquis:
Well….I’m in recovery in NA (Narcotics Anonymous) so I can’t. I’m a 47 year old party burnout. I’m a Miami boy. I’m glad I made it out of the 80s. Shiiiit, you know how we did it. We used to go fast. But everybody gotta slow down sometime, and that’s how God led me to recovery. I partied like a rockstar for a lot of years. A little bit of this, let’s try that, let’s have sex. I had fun.

What do you do in NA?

Brother Marquis: Talk about your war stories and where the war took you and how it took you there. When you see those bums an’ alcoholics in the streets, they’re in their addiction, in their disease, and it has progressed to the point of their desparation on the corner. I was always functionin though. I’m a fly nigga. But it was time to stop, and I ain’t embarassed to tell nobody. I wanna preserve my good looks. I’m 2 Live Crew. People hear it and say, damn, them niggas shoulda been in rehab. Marquis just now goin’?

I go to a meeting everyday. Right there on 79th and Biscayne Boulevard in Little River in Miami. Oh my god. You can’t imagine some of the shit I’ve heard. But it does work. And there’s meetings everywhere. I been to meetings in Canada. When I go to Denver, I’ma go to a meeting there. They even have Marijuana Anonymous.

But I got nothin against weed. See. My drug of choice was cocaine. Cocaine, weed, and alcohol. No heroin, pills, or crack. Just powder. I used to be a Miami party boy. I came out of the 80s baby. Straight Scarface.

But we still have fun. The fun doesn’t stop. I’m on a natural high. It’s even better now.

Were any of your hits recorded while smoking marijuana?

Brother Marquis: No, we didn’t really do it in the studio. I was the only smoker in the group, so not in the studio. I would come up with songs getting high on my own though, but not in the studio.

Got any funny weed stories?
Fresh Kid Ice: One time we was in Canada, and all my people smoked all
these different strains. Like 19 different strains, and when they hit
the stage, they was all stuck on stupid. But it was all good. It was
funny watching them try to dance and all that

Brother Marquis: One time I was so high the bus just zooted past me and I couldn’t do nothin’ but laugh.

Did you ever smoke weed with anybody famous?
Brother Marquis: Yeah Snoop Dogg, Biggie, 2 Pac’s brother Mopreme Shakur.

Go ahead, paint the picture…..
With Snoop I was out in California in the studio with him one time. I had got invited there. He was recording and just blazing. With Biggie, we was in the club in Atlanta and we were pasing it back and forth having a conversation. But I think the best weed I ever smoked like that was with B Real from Cypress Hill. He had a little pinner joint out at a Power Jam in California, some big concert for a radio station in an arena, and I remember he passed me this joint and, damn, it was some good weed. I was high as hell.

What do you think about sex and weed?

Brother Marquis: Oh, that’s beautiful. A lot of chicks like to do that. Smoke a blunt then lay ya down and work on ya. That’s what ya call a smoked sausage. Yeah. Hahahahaha.

Fresh Kid Ice: Yeah the chicks really like that.

Did people used to smoke on your tours?
Fresh Kid Ice: I seen that happen a lot. I remember one time on tour with ICP, they had so much stuff it was ridiculous. I think they was trying everything.

Canadian dude, Marc Emery, who got arrested for selling your music in
the 90s went on to become a big marijuana activist, did you know about

I didn’t know he did that, but back when we first came out, a
lot of people used to smuggle our tapes and CD’s across the border. It
was just like drugs. They was gonna get it regardless. If they wanted
it, they was gonna find a way to get it.

You got a show coming up in Colorado right?
Brother Marquis: Yeah at Platinum 84 in Denver. 2 night. We gonna have fun in Colorado.


Wasup with the new album?
Fresh Kid Ice: It’s called “Turn Me On,” and we got Mannie Fresh, Funk Boogie, Trick Daddy, Trina, Insane Clown Posse, E40, and Too Short on there. We have a single on iTunes called “Take It Off.”