Boston-area Couple Arrested Selling Medical Cannabis on Facebook


Mark and Holly Harrington.

We figured most people knew by now that Facebook is not the best place to advertise illegal and quasi-legal activities. But apparently we’re wrong.
Case and point? Mark and Holly Harrington of Tewksbury, Mass. The pair were busted this week after allegedly openly selling weed via the social media giant. And no, they weren’t being discreet. The pair’s site was dubbed HTM Gardening LLC and they had forms for new patients to fill out.

Under Mass. law, patients are allowed to cultivate their own supply up until the state gets dispensaries online and selling cannabis. It also allows for caregivers, but caregivers can’t grow the supply for the patients. And since there are no licensed dispensaries up and running yet, the Harrington’s business falls into enough of a legal gray area that openly advertising their business wasn’t a smart idea.
Cops say that their page had photos of plants growing, cash and “new patient applications”. They allegedly also asked for patient application paperwork so they could verify patient status with the state. We’re guessing they weren’t really doing that.
Undercover cops set up a deal with the pair, who allegedly met up and sold the guy herb according to the Boston Globe. Cops then raided the Harrington’s home and found pot, edibles and prescription pills.
Now both are facing some serious charges. Both have pled not-guilty to conspiracy to violate drug laws, unlawful manufacture of cannabis, cultivation, distribution and possession with intent to distribute. Mark Harrington faces nine other possession charges while Holly is facing six. Possession with intent to distribute can net up to two years and $5k in fines. Same for cultivation and distribution. Depending on how much herb they had on them, they could also be looking at two years for each possession charge.