Colorado Group Gives out Marijuana to Hundreds of Veterans


Voice Media, 2014.

Operation Grow4Vets, a group we’ve reported on in the past, gave out marijuana and marijuana edibles to hundreds of veterans in Colorado over the weekend dubbed the Denver Cannabis Givewaway Event.
The giveaway, at a Quality Inn in Denver on Saturday, was open to everyone 21 and up. Under Colorado law, adults can give away up to an ounce of herb at a time to other consenting adults over 21.

Organizers say the goal was to help veterans find and try alternative medicines to the hardcore opiates that the Veterans Administration prefers to hand out.
“We’re really here to help them with their medical conditions,” Grow4Vets founder Roger Martin told KDVR-TV. “There’s a wide variety of ailments. Anything that involves pain.”
Group provides cannabis to vets suffering from chronic pain
For Brian Nance, that means dealing with chronic back pain caused by injuries sustained while on patrol.
“I was separated from my platoon and I jumped into a ravine and fell 40 feet and broke my back,” Nance told KDVR. “I’ve been using cannabis and it’s been helping me. If I don’t have to take a pill for 4 to 5 hours, for me, that’s a big deal.”
Of course, the event had it’s critics from the anti-pot crowd. Bob Doyle with the Colorado Smart Approaches to Marijuana (an anti-cannabis group with a deceptively ambiguous name) said he was afraid that giving veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder pot could trigger anxiety for the vets.
Which. apparently, is way worse to Doyle than the more likely scenario of triggering opiate addiction with traditional approaches. Doesn’t seem too “smart” to us.
Currently, Operation Grow4Vets says they have funding and herb to keep about 100 vets stocked with cannabis. Their goal is to serve at least 1,000. To help or donate, visit the Grow4Vets site.