Denver Airport Banning Sales of Marijuana-Themed Socks and Flip-Flops,


You won’t find this for sale at D.I.A.

Passengers flying out of Denver International Airport after a vacation or work trip here have lots of choices if they want to squeeze in one last Colorado activity or buy a souvenir. They can drink local craft brews at cafes branded by Rock Bottom and Boulder Beer, eat at Elway’s or Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs, and shop at the Tattered Cover or Kazoo & Company. They can buy Denver Broncos hats, Climax beef jerky, Rocky Mountain T-shirts, and shot glasses and underwear imprinted with the state flag.
But when it comes to Colorado’s budding marijuana industry, the only souvenir that tourists can take with them is a photo of DIA’s sign prohibiting the herb’s use. More at the Latest Word.