Denver Police Address Worries That Pot Edibles Will Be Given to Kids on Halloween


According to a Denver Police Department podcast, calls have already started coming in from parents concerned that their kids will be slipped pot edibles while trick-or-treating on Halloween.
We highly doubt that. In fact, if anyone does hand out pot-laced candy to kids, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was someone from the anti-cannabis side trying to make legal cannabis look bad.

The conversation is featured in a new “Ask the Experts” series of podcasts created by the Denver Police Department. In the latest, DPD Sergeant Steve Warneke interview Sergeant Brett Hinkle and Detective Aaron Kafer of the department’s marijuana unit
Much of the conversation touches on familiar topics, like the different rules pertaining to medical marijuana and the recreational sort. For instance, the limits for recreational pot are one ounce and six plants, whereas those with a medical red card can legally possess two ounces and six plants.
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