Florida Anti-Medical Marijuana Group Attacks John Morgan and Loopholes on Billboard


Anti-medical marijuana group Drug Free America Foundation has taken it up a notch on their “Amendment 2 has loopholes that will lead to legalized marijuana” talking point by putting up a billboard attacking John Morgan.
Morgan, the Orland-based attorney and medical marijuana advocate who has poured millions of his own money into getting Amendment 2 passed, recently made headlines with a profanity-laced speech he gave a group of young voters during a post-debate party last week.

And while one would assume that would be the fodder for his opponents, it looks like the anti-medical weed folks are sticking to their loophole argument.
“Amendment 2 is riddled with loopholes: It is one thing to be compassionate; it’s another to be reckless,” the billboard says. “Does John Morgan know the difference?”
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So far, it appears that the group is erecting the one billboard in Morgan’s home town of Orlando.
More over at the Broward-Palm Beach New Times.