Hash Oil Paranoia Hits Houston with Local News Freak-out



Hide your kids, hide your wife, hash oil has just now hit the streets of Houston reports local ABC13. And to relay the story, they got the shakiest facts they could and interviewed a single, clueless stoner. It helps make it all the more frightening, of course.
Like, for example, when they say that you make hash oil by “heating up the marijuana plant” in butane – which couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, the (completely) wrong method the news station hints at would create a very volatile situation.

They also interview cops who talk about how potent it is, then say that the wax is dangerous. But they never actually make a connection between potency and how hash oil use is dangerous in any way. They’re hoping their scary loose talk will do enough (and it likely will in Texas).
“This is actually a national issue, but it’s hitting Houston hard,” Houston-based DEA agent Wendell Campbell told ABC13. “They’re getting that THC content up to 50, 60, 80, sometimes 90 percent as opposed to the traditional 13 percent.”
And with that potency, comes the fear of… coughing? Yes, that’s the most dangerous part they can list of using hash oil, all thanks to one rather clueless stoner girl anonymously named “Ashley” in the report.
“If you had a cinnamon candle that was brown and you light it, and dripped the wax on the table. The little wax right there. That’s what it looks like. I would take the hit and find myself coughing for seven minutes straight. I think I’m done and cough some more.”
Ashley goes on to talk about her friend who botched making hash oil.
“He ended up burning his arm off, like all his skin was off,” she said. “He had to go to the hospital and everything … something went wrong.”
We’re pretty sure we know what went wrong: human error. We’re not saying that playing with compressed, volatile gas is the safest hobby in the word but a little common sense goes a long, long way: keep it outdoors, keep it away from flames and sparks and (this is sad that it needs to be said) don’t smoke around it.
Check out the hysterically inaccurate report, including interviews with “Ashley” below: