Las Vegas Man Busted After Posting YouTube Grow Updates


YouTube has become a great resource for cannabis growers. Want to learn how to get better yields from your plants? Go to YouTube. Want to learn how to make ice wax? YouTube. There’s plenty of instructional videos on all sorts of topics posted either by legal cultivators in states where cannabis is legal or clandestine, secretive growers who don’t divulge their identities or locations.
Jason Pelletier is neither of those, according to Las Vegas police.

Pelletier – better known as Buddynuggets78 online – posted videos documenting his cannabis grow in the Las Vegas area that drew not only millions of hits but also the attention of the cops. (The videos have since disappeared.)
According to cops, Pelletier bragged about his 12,000 watt grow room on camera and did a great job of documenting what they say is an illegal cannabis grow with way more plants than would be allowed under state medical marijuana laws.
Cops called Pelletier “arrogant” for his display of the garden online and said he was a “hardened criminal” with a rough past that includes weapons and drug charges.
It’s unclear if Pelletier is a registered medical marijuana patient. But if he was indeed selling the herb as cops say, that wouldn’t help him anyway.
Nevada patients are allowed to grow their own cannabis (up to twelve plants) under certain circumstances (namely, living at least 25 miles away from a dispensary) and can give it away, but are not allowed to sell it to other patients. They are allowed to sell to medical marijuana dispensaries one time, the thought being that patients who are not updating their cards can liquidate their leftover harvests. Dispensaries aren’t online yet, though the state is currently working on the licensing and application processes and expect to license dispensaries open next year.
Also, according to NORML: “patients who are cultivating specific strains of cannabis not provided by a local dispensary may continue to engage in the home cultivation of such strains. Patients who have an established history of cultivating medical cannabis prior to July 1, 2013, also may continue to do so until March 31, 2016.”
It is unclear what charges have been filed against Pellitier and his wife at this time. Check out a video of the bust below:
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